Let’s Talk Tech – 1) The IR Camera

To complement the Ghost in the Machines Show, I’m going to share an insight into the tech in question. It’s my hope that inquisitive people will make some of this stuff themselves. As I insist in the show, I couldn’t discourage people from doing ghost hunting if they are set on doing it. However, there is much to be learned and huge satisfaction gained in creating your own technology, and I’m not talking about dowsing rods, or how to tie string to a crystal, things prone to the ideomotor effect.1 Neither am I advocating you rush off and start playing with Ouija boards or things like that. If you do, that’s your look out; good luck.

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Clear and Transparent Danger?

2019 is a massive year for celebrations; Fiftieth anniversary of the Moon landing, and the 150th of the Periodic system by┬áDmitry Mendeleev too. That’s lots of physics, and chemistry to crack away at. I would usually prepare a show that would hit these things but have decided to do something different. After all, it’s only been a couple of years since I produced the ‘Subliming the Ridiculous’ show based on the history of chemistry. So I’ve gone down a more scatalogical route. Continue reading “Clear and Transparent Danger?”