What type of things does Jon do? Choose from shows and science busking performance, hands-on workshops, talks, and training sessions related to science communication and public engagement with research.

The following examples are typically one hour, demo-based shows suitable for primary, key stage 3 and 4, family and large audiences. They can be shorter if required. If you want something specific and you don’t see it listed on those sites, drop me a message.

‘School of Water Wizardry’ We dance as water molecules, forming ice and explaining density; We prove teachers wrong by taking water sub-zero; We stretch, bend and split water. When we’re ready, we’ll blow it up! Everyone graduates.

‘Why Do We Do That?’ brings the experience of the greatest hits of psychology and neuroscience to your audience. Covers attention, influence, social psychology, biopsychology and neuroimaging in a practical way.

‘Under Pressure’ brings levitation, implosions, explosions and rockets demostrations for people to take part in.

‘Subliming the Ridiculous’ celebrates the move from alchemy to chemistry and disproving the four classical Greek elements; earth, air, fire and water. It covers: turning copper into ‘gold’, the scientific method, drawing a vacuum, starting fire with air pressure, burning wire wool to form new compounds, identifying acids, making and burning hydrogen, splitting water in two.

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‘Half Baked Heroes’ shares the chemistry, physics and biology of everyday items found in the pantry. It covers: miraculin and taste receptors, pineapple and enzymes, the gases in prepackaged food, making gases including hydrogen explosion, supercooling water, whipping up marmite, non-newtonian fluids – custard and ketchup. As many of these as possible involve at least one volunteer from the audience. Much from this show is something students can explore more when they are home.



Jon has been very busy, but now we’ve let him have a little sleep, he’s ready to go again. Drop him an email or get in touch via any route at the bottom of the page.

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Typical day rates are £300 a day for as many shows as can be squeezed in, bearing in mind time to reset between each show. Additional charges for travel and/or accommodation may be required depending on location and length of day required. Audiences can be large as video projection can be used to ensure everyone gets close to the action.