Jon is a freelance science presenter, STEM Ambassador, fellow at Birmingham Open Media (BOM), member of #BrumSciComm and proudly a member of ScienceGrrl.

What type of things does Jon do? Choose from shows and science performance for all ages, hands-on workshops, talks, and training sessions related to science communication and public engagement with research. Take a look at the EVENTS page to see specific shows he is currently offering.

Jon works with many PARTNERS AND organisations to bring you the best quality experience. Here are a few that he is proud to work with.


Health and Unsafety

Over the last couple of days the following video has been doing the rounds amongst fellow science presenters. Thanks to Matthew tosh and Paul McCrory for pointing it out. It has received quite a lot of press in the UK’s media too. As Paul says, “you may prefer to watch this through your fingers.”

Funny Things

That, it appears, is not really me. How do I know? Well, I say ‘funny’, I thought it went well. Yes, yes, ‘Evaluation rules’, blah, blah, ‘If you didn’t measure it, it didn’t happen’, blah, blah, blah. Thing is, who is comedy for? I hope to provide two sides to it. Wolverhampton was recently stated …

Flying High

Just spent the day performing science demos with an audience in a field. My recent al fresco work has been busking from a cart which usually dictates I have no electricity and limited access to other utilities such as water too. The plan for this was slightly different in that I was going to be …