Jon is a freelance science presenter, STEM Ambassador, previous fellow at Birmingham Open Media (BOM), member of #BrumSciComm and proudly a member of ScienceGrrl. He delivers outreach and teaches science communication at the University of Birmingham and is visiting lecturer at the University of Chester Medical School.

What type of things does Jon do? Choose from shows and science performance for all ages, hands-on workshops, talks, and training sessions related to science communication and public engagement with research. Take a look at the EVENTS page to see specific shows he is currently offering.


Jon works with many PARTNERS AND organisations to bring you the best quality experience. Here are a few that he is proud to work with.
See what ScienceGrrl do. Jon is a member of Equity Find Jon on Science Live Jon has worked with CBeebies Jon is a co-founder of BrumSciComm
Find out why Sarah is awesome. Jon has worked with CBBC BIG is the STEM communicators network Jon is an Outreach Fellow at the University of Birmingham Jon is visiting lecturer at the University of Chester Medical School Jon has worked with BBC learning at live events.


There May Be Busking Ahead

Looking ahead, we’ve got a little plan. Sarah Cosgriff suggested we put in a proposal to provide some science busking at the 2019 Cheltenham Science Festival. She drafted some details, which Naomi Green mashed into shape, yet one section just looked a bit busy and I wanted to tidy it.