Let’s Talk Tech – 2) EMF Detectors

You’ll often seen these being waved around by ghost hunters, as the claim is that ghosts manifest themselves through disturbances in the local electromagnetic field (EMF). Investigators will refer to witnessing spikes in EMF as ghosts try to communicate with them. I won’t go into why they believe this, other than to say that it is often portrayed as direct communication when the needle moves.

So what is EMF? Let’s not panic about something being a human thing that isn’t a natural phenomenon. We find it in the power put out from the Sun, and when that electromagnetic radiation interferes with the Earth’s magnetic field we witness the Aurora Borealis and Australis, very natural events. Yet humans have filled the earth with EMF too. Modern life brings its conveniences, many electrical in nature; WiFi, microwave ovens, and radio waves, etc.

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