Clear and Transparent Danger?

2019 is a massive year for celebrations; Fiftieth anniversary of the Moon landing, and the 150th of the Periodic system by¬†Dmitry Mendeleev too. That’s lots of physics, and chemistry to crack away at. I would usually prepare a show that would hit these things but have decided to do something different. After all, it’s only been a couple of years since I produced the ‘Subliming the Ridiculous’ show based on the history of chemistry. So I’ve gone down a more scatalogical route. Continue reading “Clear and Transparent Danger?”

Voluntary Living Wage?

I’ve left this a few weeks before writing on the subject. The initial trigger was a job advert to which public reaction was polarised. I’ll explain why I flagged it for concern.

I initially glimpsed it on Twitter, thinking it would be perfect for my ‘twitcher’ mother. The successful candidates would be undertaking data collection during the nesting season of small birds in the wild. It sounded brilliant for her; until I read the full details. Continue reading “Voluntary Living Wage?”