Flying High

Just spent the day performing science demos with an audience in a field. My recent al fresco work has been busking from a cart which usually dictates I have no electricity and limited access to other utilities such as water too. The plan for this was slightly different in that I was going to be delivering shows and it’s been a while since I did that.

Last time was on the Solar Stage at the Green Man festival; famed for highlighting the role of renewable energy by banning generators to run the stage. And that works! On a ‘green note’, we do need to think about how we have to adjust our lifestyle to a world where conservation of resources means we have to adapt to make the most of what we have, including power supplies. Continue reading “Flying High”

Following The Fellows

Being a scientist was never enough for me. It’s easy to agree that not every day in the lab is a celebration of beauty; not every conference talk is a poetic masterpiece; nor every idea the product of flashes of inspiration. While it would be ridiculous to expect it to be, are they mutually exclusive?

When you listen to the language of scientists, they talk of elegant solutions, symmetry, and beauty alongside efficiency, feasibility and accuracy. At their cores, both the artistic and scientific processes share common rules. Constant progress, original goals; the ability to recognise something where others see raw materials; the vision to retain a focussed narrative; to use skill sand equipment with mastery to achieve an output. Continue reading “Following The Fellows”