Science Communicators and Universities

Universities are facing a new challenge. One not new to other institutions in the UK. During the early 1990’s the NHS went through a period of change where competition was introduced. Now it is the turn of higher education. The question is, can it be ready in time?

In 2012 undergraduate course fees are set to rise and more emphasis is going to be placed on the value a student expects from their chosen institution. Previously, students would balance their decision on two important aspects but with one common goal. In combination these would be, “Where is the best place I can go with the grades I’ve got?” Continue reading “Science Communicators and Universities”

Natural Philosophy

This is not the first time in recent ages that I’ve ripped the plaster off this debate and it’s with good reason that I do now. Goad the wounds looking for answers on any question and any amount of people will offer a solution. But the greatness of those solutions is never accepted by all. Scientists do not have all the answers and nor should they pretend to. Those who eschew science in favour of the mystics should likewise sit back down, well… because they just should. The humanities choose not to ask the same questions asked by the others, but does not mean they cannot be involved here. Continue reading “Natural Philosophy”