I’ve Got A Style… Apparently.

Had another bout of COVID again, seemingly acquired from open day. Anyway, just before that happened, I managed to get a load of footage to create two films. After he received the assembly cut of the first one, Chris told me that ‘I have a style’. I’m sure he has spotted something that is recurrent, but I’m hardly in the company of Wes Anderson. Maybe it’s the speed at which I cut, (or my refusal to cut fast even in a short form video). Maybe it’s the ‘walking out of shot’ element. It got me thinking about whether I should change that up a bit. So what were these videos about, and what did I learn from making them?

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“Online teaching. How hard can it be?”

So academics have found themselves at home, trying to create learning materials that stand out as good quality in a virtual world. If you were thinking the simplest path was just to record your lecture, you’re in for a rude awakening. It’s a maze of pitfalls and you will lose this game. Here’s eleven things you need to consider first.

Sure, recording video is democratised; anyone with a smart phone can produce something. But especially in a time when everyone is turning to virtual pedagogy, you need to consider the quality of what you are producing. Let me explain.

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