What type of things does Jon do? Choose from shows and science busking performance, hands-on workshops, talks, and training sessions related to science communication and public engagement with research.

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‘Ghosts in the Machines’ is the current show. What happens when we turn out the lights? A (not too scary) look at how ghost hunters use technology to find spooks, and how it really works. What is the paranormal? Can we even examine it with a scientific mind? How do ghost hunters claim technology provides evidence of ghosts and what are they actually measuring? How can normal things can appear scary? If the camera never lies, how are we AND technology bamboozled by natural things? Enjoy our adventure, then you can decide for yourselves. Some chemistry, physics, psychology and a little live coding await you. This IS a family show, so don’t panic. We will not be invoking demons to join us. There are no chances of us encountering a real ghost… hopefully.

Shows are typically one hour, but can be shorter if required, and are demo-based shows suitable for primary, key stage 3 and 4, family and large audiences.



Typical day rates are £450 a day for up to four shows, bearing in mind time to reset between each show. Additional charges for travel and/or accommodation may be required depending on location and length of day required. Audiences can be large as video projection can be used to ensure everyone gets close to the action.