There May Be Busking Ahead

Looking ahead, we’ve got a little plan. Sarah Cosgriff suggested we put in a proposal to provide some science busking at the 2019 Cheltenham Science Festival. She drafted some details, which Naomi Green mashed into shape, yet one section just looked a bit busy and I wanted to tidy it.

Specifically, it was the section that provided evidence for the kind of things we were intending to deliver and the people who would be doing it. They wanted a weblink and we had lots, all pointing to twitter snapshots, vines and videos on YouTube. So I took all the bits and pieces, found a load more and fashioned them all together into a two minute video. One link captures it all. Hopefully, ‘Chelters’ will like it as much as we have enjoyed performing.

Many thanks to everyone who appears in the video, delivering science in the best way and all those who kindly captured these moments and made them available. These include the University of Birmingham and the British Science Association. So here it is; #BrumSciComm Does Science Busking.