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Jon is a freelance science presenter with past lives including biomedical science, microbiology, psychology and neuroscience. He also translates chemical engineering for school children at the University of Birmingham. With such a diverse career path and being passionately curious, Jon brings examples from chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, literature, art and history for the purpose of delivering inspirational, interactive science to any audience. Jon is a STEMNET ambassador, member of #BrumSciComm and proudly supports ScienceGrrl, supporting women in science and engineering. READ MORE...

Latest News

Just spent the day performing science demos with an audience in a field. My recent al fresco work has been busking from a cart which usually dictates I have no electricity and limited access to other utilities such as water too. The plan for this was slightly different in that I was going to be delivering shows and it’s been a while since I did that.