We Come In Peace

Over the last few years, I’ve been encouraging scientists and researchers to step out of their comfort zones and do brave things. One of those has been providing them the the forum to perform stand-up comedy. Of course, I would never encourage someone to do something I wasn’t prepared to do myself; so what goes around comes around.

Normally, they get about seven or eight minutes, and I’ve only once managed to finish on time. I enjoy my time on stage and as always sorry when it ‘s over. So welcome to what I have got coming up with my friend, colleague and comedy partner, Martin Khechara!

Two years ago at Funny Things, Wolverhampton’s comedy festival, we performed ‘The Science of the Dangerous’, a variety performance where we assaulted the audience with all manner of disgusting science. This time…

“…we won’t be blowing anything up or showering people in confetti; we just want to talk with you. Two local, ‘recovering scientists’ are being unleashed from the constraints of making learning fluffy for younger ones so you can experience the dark and iffy subjects that these two like to joke about.”

Tuesday, 29th October. Doors 20:15 for a 20:30 start. The Giffard Arms, 64 Victoria Street, Wolverhampton.

Yes, you’ve got an evening with Jon and Martin! Get your tickets here: https://www.ticketweb.uk/event/we-come-in-peace-the-giffard-arms-tickets/9766645